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To acknowledge and reward the outstanding work carried out by our Neighbourhood Watch Associations/Rural Watch Schemes, Coordinators and Member volunteers across the County of North Yorkshire and within the City of York, in conjunction with North Yorkshire Police we are today launching the 2016 North Yorkshire Neighbourhood Watch & Rural Watch Awards Scheme and you are invited to participate please with a Nomination(s).

Application Forms can be obtained from District Lead Coordinators or downloaded from the NY NHWA website
Multiple Nominations from each District as well as self-nominations and nominations from serving Police Officers/PCSOs will be accepted.
Nominations should be submitted
to reach NY NHWA Secretary (Gail Cook) no later than 16th March 2016 at the address stated on the Application Form.

A Panel will consider the Nominations from each District in order to decide the Winner of the 2016 County Award who will be invited to a presentation at the AGM of the NY NHWA in July 2016 at Newby Wiske Police HQ – District Winners will also be recognised.
We look forward to receiving your Nominations and thank you in anticipation of your valued contributions.

The North Yorkshire Neighbourhood Watch and Rural Watch Association (NY NHWA)

The aims of the Association are:

1) To support, encourage and promote all aspects of Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) whilst building an effective liaison between the Police, statutory and voluntary organisations, other agencies and the public of North Yorkshire
2) To provide advice and services for and on behalf of all NHW and other legitimate Watch groups
3) To collect and disseminate information on all matters relating to NHW and to exchange such information with other bodies having similar objectives to promote good citizenship and greater public participation in the prevention and solutions to crime
4) To operate on a volunteer basis to benefit the public in the pursuance of crime prevention, crime reduction, the diminution of the fear of crime and to address anti-social behaviour and bullying in the County
5) To operate on a volunteer basis to benefit the public to identify and seek to protect Vulnerable Adults and Children
6) To operate on a volunteer basis to benefit the public by working with other agencies in support of agendas relating to Channel (preventing radicalisation) and PREVENT (protecting the UK against terrorism ie aiming to stop people supporting terrorism or becoming terrorists themselves by bringing threats to the attention of the Authorities)
7) To raise funds by inviting contributions from any body or persons by way of donations and otherwise in order to administer the fulfillment of the aims and objectives of NY NHWA
8) To operate as a charity and to make claims for the repayment of UK Income Tax, including Gift Aid, and other charity tax relief’s and exemptions available in the UK in order to maximise the availability of funds towards the fulfillment of the above aims and objectives of NY NHWA which may include also specially focused projects and training.

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